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3:58am Nov 24th 17

I have added a simple "Invite a friend" system to cybergamer, the link for it appears on the homepage. Your friend will receive a month of premium on signup. You will receive 1-2 weeks of premium after a month if they are still active.

Will very likely need to tweak it somewhat in the future.


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4:46am Nov 24th 17

o boi im ready to make fake accounts and get all dat premium xd


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9:09pm Nov 24th 17

Incoming fake accounts galore.


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11:19pm Nov 24th 17

--->> if they are still active.

Quote from Asterix on the 24th of November 2017

should make it so they play a season of cgo atleast so that way it encourages people to invite as well as increase the OCE scene


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12:14am May 14th 21

Huge! Congrats


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3:30am Jun 9th 21

Sounds like a very nice improvement! It remains to find friends who will not abandon the game in a month


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10:44pm Mar 4th 22

I read this Post and got it fine and informative. Please share more like that.


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2:11am Mar 6th 22

Such very useful information. This post is extremely helpful for me.


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4:05am May 25th 22 - in reply to Sjackson3289's post

It seems like either LPL mods have 0 way to tell if people are actually using facebook video downloader it just isn't enforced (in open at least).