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Welcome to Call of Duty : Modern Warfare - Come post your interest and ideas!

Welcome to Call of Duty : Modern Warfare - Come post your interest and ideas! - Page: 3

Thread started by MorzZA on Monday, 1:53pm December 2nd with 35 replies. Views: 1,465


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4:41pm Jan 4th 20 - in reply to Coldy's post

Where are we at folks? Is this happening?

I have a team ready to go for scrims etc if anyone is keen!

Quote from Coldy on the 4th of January 2020

if you are looking for Scims or a Team ive set up a channel and are in iRu.Gaming Discord for everyone to jump on post and get these scrims happening !!

jsut post in CODMW channel to look/find a team a Scrim



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2:55pm Jan 7th 20

Whats going on with leagues? I'm super keen. PC wise to compete.


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1:39pm Jan 9th 20 - in reply to _Hazard's post

If you are looking for a Cod team to compete in this year, PS4/XBOX/PC. The IRU discord has a LFT thread currently. Make sure to get your information down in it to help get your name out to teams currently looking for members.

Any questions shoot me a msg , Maz#4958


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1:53pm Jan 24th 20

Any news on ladders coming?


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7:49pm Feb 8th 20

Hi Folks,

My guys have approached me about forming a team and entering this ladder if it kicks off, which is good; we have done anything competitive in COD since BLOPS 2 S1 on CG. Thats a while ago.

Agree with previous comments - regardless of the COD nostalgia from previous game we need to gravitate towards the popular game modes and study how other communities are running comps and what the results are etc.

My guys don't mind S & D but really love the run and gun of domination style game modes or similar.


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5:00pm Feb 22nd 20

Any update ?