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Lf mentors...

Lf mentors...

Thread started by Quil on Friday, 1:40pm June 11th. Views: 36


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1:40pm Jun 11th 21 and edited 10:58pm Jun 17th 21

Hey guys I recently bought a pc, I'm looking for a team not to play for, but to teach me stuff so I can improve my game, I am just about brand new. I am not new to fps, I played CGm on console (xbox 360) season one bo1 and CGm mw2 flash back comp (360 also), I like to play Sage, jett and and Reyna mostly but I'm keen to learn other agents. my steam is quiltek, friend code 1115351648, my discord is quil#4403 and my valorant ign is quilquilquil#5117, I don't mind at all if the team showing me stuff is playing LPLo because as I said I'm pretty much brand new to pc. I have some screenies but they're from unrated games. if I can get decent enough I'm sure I'll be lft and even if I can stick around the people guiding me that would be great too.