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Been gone a long time, need some help ahaha

Been gone a long time, need some help ahaha

Thread started by Spink. on Wednesday, 2:06am June 17th. Views: 67


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2:06am Jun 17th 20

Just getting interested in the “competitive scene” again for COD after been gone a long time (Since BO3) and just have a few questions.

1. What happened to Cyber Gamer? obviously noticed it’s Let’s play now ahaha.

2. Is 5v5 PUG’s still a thing? Miss the days from Ghosts and AW playing PUG Snd all night and competing in CGi/P. Would be amazing to do that sort of thing again in a game like MW!

3. Is this site dead and if so is there someone that can direct me to Where all the action is?

I know that a lot of new players probs won’t even know what Cyber Gamer is and what the 5v5 snd era I’m talking about was but any help would be appreciated!


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9:03pm Jun 18th 20

yeah mate, i used to play old cg aswell I wouldn't say this site is dead, have a look at csgo, valorant & rainbow six teams ect... heaps of teams

I just think cod competitive died long ago as its all pretty much console kids just pub gaming