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Lets talk valorant: End of beta tier list!

Lets talk valorant: End of beta tier list!

Thread started by stoddy on Saturday, 1:23pm May 30th. Views: 546


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1:23pm May 30th 20

With the valorant beta at a close and the full game launch only a matter of days away, I thought Id share my own tier list of where i ranked agents throughout the beta taking into consideration any changes they may have gone through since the closed beta had launched. Now i was one of the small few lucky to gain access to the beta (180 ping gang gang) and play it on NA from oceania and with that I got a good feel for the game and the play style of it. With that being said here is a tier list I would like to share to you guys that might not be familiar with the game yet (or those who are and wanna say how wrong or maybe right I am) to see what is the "meta" going into day one of game launch and who you should prioritise unlocking first (as you progress through the game you have to complete contracts by gaining xp to unlock the whole cast).

Now obviously day one we will see a new agent and new map added to the pool which will potentially change how good or even bad some of these agents are but for now we will ignore the new stuff coming in and just focus on what we do have at the moment.