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Hey cod4 still competitive?

Hey cod4 still competitive?

Thread started by bengal on Sunday, 3:00am March 22nd with 10 replies. Views: 729


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3:00am Mar 22nd 20

What’s up people?


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11:09am Mar 22nd 20

CoD4 died over 10 years ago...


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11:21pm Mar 28th 20

50,000 people used to live there, now its a ghost town.


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2:57pm Mar 29th 20

they were the days.,.. i wish


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8:51am May 8th 20

I'd be keen for a cod4 revive...


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11:53am May 10th 20

everything needs a revive in here


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12:53pm May 13th 20 - in reply to Smex's post

everything needs a revive in here :P

Quote from Smex on the 10th of May 2020


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7:15pm May 17th 20

Howdy guys ITS FUCKING ON there is a 100 dollars cash prize ODC coming ! I am making a thread !

Here is discord for scrims and registration :


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8:08pm May 24th 20

I miss the old cod4 days...cgi..cgm...cga...please return!


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10:09pm May 24th 20

ODC - COD4 PROMOD Hello friends, we are currently in the process of organising a COD 4 Promod ODC. We plan for it to be held in the coming weeks. There is a current prize-pool of 100 dollars. This value will increase if enough interest is shown in the event. Multiple servers will be up and running to host this event. The ODC is open to any team that wishes to register. We will be making a list of free agents for recruiting if anyone is struggling to find or fill a team. For any updates, questions or a friendly scrim, join our discord Registration Closing Date: 6:00 pm (AEST) 6th June 2019 Event start: Currently set for 10 am (AEST) 14th June Entry fee: $0 Format: 2 Groups – Elimination/double elim Prizes: 1st - $70 2nd - $30, Rules: Standard competition rules, MR15, Bo3 Groups, Bo5 Finals. To register, post your team name and line up (format directed below) You must have a minimum of 5 players to be registered, subs are allowed. Teams will be seeded once registrations close. Team name: Player 1: ALIAS Player 2: ALIAS Player 3: ALIAS Player 4: ALIAS Player 5: ALIAS You are expected to record a demo for each match you play on the day. Failure to provide a demo upon request results in disqualification of your team. No exceptions. SPECIAL THANKS TO PICKETT FOR SPONSORING THIS EVENT