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LFT - Tedi (Prev Cod4/MW2/BO player)

LFT - Tedi (Prev Cod4/MW2/BO player)

Thread started by TediAUS on Thursday, 10:08pm January 2nd. Views: 162


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10:08pm Jan 2nd 20

Chasing a team (I'm on PC) - Played previously under ShadowTeddy back in Cod4, MW2, etc, ran Alpha Wolf Pack if any of the older guys remember.

Looking to get back into competitive for COD, been playing a lot of CS over the years, took a break for a while, getting back into whichever scene. Heap of comp experience on the CS Side (CGA finals, LAN's, etc) so know my way around how teams should be structured, pracs, etc.

Add me on discord to chat Tedi#5920


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1:32pm Jan 11th 20

Nice to see some old school players returning to the comp scene.

Bol in your search!