How to Veto: Clash Royale

How to Veto: Clash Royale

How to Veto: Clash Royale

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Hey everyone,

You are now able to do bans (now referred as Vetos) on the website!

Before, players would do vetos using Discord and or Clash Royale in-game chat and we felt like there was a lot of confusion between us and the players. We have now made it you can do vetos on the website!

Here is a step by step process on how to do vetos on the website:

1) Go to your match page here:

You can CTRL+F your team and who you are vsing if you can't find your match page.

2) Your page should look like so. In the blue box, it says "Pulse's turn to VETO" This means that Pulse MUST ban first.
3) There will be a button named "View Vetos" and it will take you to this page. You are to make your first ban here.
4) Your opponent will then need to click "View Vetos" to ban next. Vetos must be done by taking turns.

5) When each team has completed their vetos, your match page should look like this:
6) If you encounter any issues or are confused about something, please @ one of the LPL Staff members in the Discord server and they will be able to help you out! Vetos can be done 2-3 days prior to your match if you choose to do it earlier!