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Hearthstone 2019 Season 3 Announcement

Hearthstone 2019 Season 3 Announcement

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Welcome everyone, to Season 3 of Hearthstone with LPL!

You may be confused as to why we are now calling this season, season 3. This is so we can remain consistent with our LPL seasons in 2019. We will be relaunching the previous season due to the amount of sign ups.

We are aiming to bring some consistent competition for players of all skill levels from seasoned players through to people who want to try their hand at competition for the first time.

This season of Hearthstone is extremely special because the new expansion, Saviors of Uldum is being released mid-season on 7 August (AUS/NZ)! Players may use their new cards and decks once expansion has been released!

We look forward to growing the community, with sufficient numbers we will introduce higher divisions to split up the skill levels and enable fair and equal matches as well as providing a pathway for players to advance through.


Open - Free month subscription to the top three players, open for all users to join.
Amateur - $500, open for all users to join, subscription required.

In order to compete in Challenger and Amateur, players must have an active subscription throughout the season. Find it here.


The Hearthstone ladder is an Elo (rating) based ladder. Players must update their available match times each week in their team profiles to be auto-assigned a match.

The system will then auto assign you matches with other players based on your availability, team settings and Elo. Based on the Elo (rating) of you and your opponent, you will gain and lose Elo (rating) proportionally. Every player starts at 1400 Elo, and gains and loses Elo each match. If you are versing someone on higher Elo than you, you will lose less Elo for losing, and they will gain less Elo for winning. If you win against a higher Elo opponent, you will gain more Elo than normal, and they will lose more Elo than normal. You will be assigned 3 matches per 12 days.

Series Format
-Players play each match with 3 decks. 1 deck per class.
-Classes must be declared to the opponent at the start of each match.
-Win 1 game with each deck to win the match. Once a class wins it is removed from play for the match for that player.
-The player who loses may change their class or keep it for the next game.

Bans and Picks
Before each match starts, both players list 4 different heroes they intend to play one after the other, taking turns. After both players have listed 4 heroes, the player who is positioned lower on the ladder bans one of their opponent's heroes, then the player positioned higher on the ladder bans a hero.


Finals will be active from 23 September with the top 4 players from the respective division at the end of the season qualifying. They will play in a single elimination bracket in the same format as above.

Prize Distribution

Open - Free month sub for top three players.
Amateur - $500.
1st - $250
2nd - $150
3rd - $50
4th - $50


Register for Open:
Register for Amateur:

Key Dates

Registration Close for Amateur: 7 August

Open and Amateur Week 1: 12 August-18 August
Open and Amateur Week 2: 19 August-25 August
Open and Amateur Week 3: 26 August-1 September
Open and Amateur Week 4: 2 September-8 September
Open and Amateur Week 5: 9 September-15 September
Open and Amateur Week 6: 16 September-22 September
Open and Amateur Week 7 PLAYOFFS: 23 September-29 September
Open and Amateur Week GRAND FINALS: 30 September-6 October


A full list of competition rules can be found here.

On behalf of the entire LPL Admin Team, we would like to wish every team competing the best of luck for the next coming weeks. For any questions, do not hesitate to ask by either posting in here, contacting an admin via Support Ticket Alternatively, you can join the community Discord channel!

Many Thanks LPL Admin Team