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Vainglory 2019: Season 1 Announcement

Vainglory 2019: Season 1 Announcement

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12:26pm Jun 12th 19

Welcome everyone, to the website's first MOBA mobile game. Vainglory! Let's Play Live are happy to announce our support of Vainglory with two separate divisions, fighting it out for a share of $750.

We are aiming to bring some consistent competition for players of all skill levels from seasoned players through to people who want to try their hand at competition for the first time. Players can join at any time through out the season to kick off their campaign. The ladder is open to all residents of Australia and New Zealand.

We are really excited to bring Hearthstone some competition, and plan for the game to grow. With sufficient numbers, we will introduce higher divisions to split up the skill levels and enable fair and equal matches as well as providing a pathway for players to advance through.

Key Dates
20/06/2019 - Ladder Unlocks
25/07/2019 - Final Match
26/07/2019 - Finals (Not an ODC, played when both players can find a time to play, not on a single day)

Prize Distribution
Amateur: Pay to play (subscription) division with $600 prize pool.
1st - $250
2nd - $150
3rd-4th - $100

Subscribe here:

Open: Free to play division with $150 prize pool.
1st - $100
2nd - $50

Ladder Format
The Vainglory ladder is an Elo based ladder. Players must update their available match times in their team profiles. The system will then auto assign you matches with other players based on your availability, team settings and Elo. Based on the Elo of you and your opponent, you will gain and lose Elo proportionally. You will be assigned 3 matches per 12 days.

Series Format

All matches are played as 5 Players vs. 5 Players (5V5) on the Sovereign Rise map in Standard game mode. If a Team is unable to field all five Players for a match, that Team will be not be allowed to play with less players and lose the entire series immediately.

Finals will be active from the 26th of July with the top 4 or 8 of the ladder at the end of the season qualifying. They will play in a single elimination bracket in the same format as the ladder.

Bans and Picks
The tournament will follow the standard in-game ban procedure of the game. Teams have the opportunity to not ban a hero.

A full list of competition rules can be found here: (TBA)

Players can sign up at

Admins can be contacted via a few ways;

  • Tagging an admin's username on the match page (example: @JawsOCE) but this is unreliable
  • Opening a support ticket here: (reliable, but may be slow)
  • Asking for support in our official discord here: (the most reliable and quickest way)

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