HSL Clash Royale Ruling


Ruling regarding semi finalists "Barns Babes"

22nd Apr 2020

After a thorough investigation, HSL Admins have determined that LPL High School League players Leri, Barn and Leribarns of Barns Babes have deliberately compromised competitive integrity in this league via account sharing, falsifying information and impersonation.

This is in direct violation of the LPL Anti-Cheat Policy. These actions will result in a forfeiture of any prizing from this league, disqualification from the current HSL Split 1 league, their playoff matches being overturned, and an immediate ban from all LPL-operated tournaments until 2021.


Barns Babes actions during Monday 13th April 2020 and Monday 20th April 2020 violated the LPL Anti-Cheat Policy found at:

Upon inspection of chat logs and multiple in-depth conversations held between the players, we have determined that these players compromised competitive integrity by deliberately account sharing, falsifying information and impersonating.

Relevant rule: the LPL Anti-Cheat Policy states,

 “Category 3

Penalties: Season Ban, 12-Month Ban

Violation: Falsifying Information and Impersonation

LPL Members found to be providing false information and/or impersonating another LPL Member across any LPL Channels will be subject to a 12-Month Ban. Subsequent offences may result in Category 4 and above penalties.

Violation: Cheating in an LPL Match.

Cheating in an LPL Match is prohibited and will be subject to a 12-Month Ban to any LPL Player who cheats in an LPL Match, or any server associated with LPL including dedicated servers, competitive LPL Peer2Peer games and LPL affiliated PUG games.

Violation: Sharing Accounts

This involves sharing your log-in details and letting another LPL Member use the LPL Account and play under the account. The LPL Member using the LPL Account will also be subject to a Permaban.”

 HSL Split 1 standings will be changed, with Barns Babes' first playoff match being overturned in favor of Nossal (Nossal High School).


LPL takes the competitive integrity of all esports played via their platform extremely seriously, including High School League. This type of unsportsmanlike behaviour is completely unacceptable and will not be taken lightly. We reserve the right to impose any additional penalties at our sole discretion.